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Would Be Done…

I’d be done cutting out the wraps except that… I got the extra Interstage wrap, so I could patch over the removed ullage rockets. It makes sense to cut out the extra, use the better for the rocket and cut up the other. So, one more (complicated) wrap to cut, then ullage rocket patching, and […]

Wraps, Wraps, and More Wraps—and a Launch

I talked with Tony Cooper at today’s LUNAR launch; Tony has a built but not-yet painted Apogee Saturn V. He cautioned that many CAs dissolve the thin wraps. I told him about the online cautions about certain brands of paint being incompatible with the wraps. Punch line: test the CA, test the paint. As to […]

I’d Like Paper, Please

Wow: these plastic wraps are a pain. Seemingly pretty fragile, difficult to figure out just where to cut, nerve-wracking while cutting. I remember the paper wraps from the Estes Saturn V: much easier to work with those, and I’ve not even begun attaching the wraps to the tubes.

Extra Wrap Arrived

Cutting is slow: perhaps this particular wrap came from a mold nearly at the end of its life, and so worn? Sometimes, it’s hard to find the little scribe lines that are supposed to be convenient cutting guides. Regardless, the extra wrap’s arrived, and once I get the wrap cut out I’ll remove the S-II […]

Decision to Cut

S-IC retro rocket issues are now sorted out: they were installed on the inside of the S-IC engine fairings, and blew a piece of the fairing off when they fired. One decision down (doesn’t have to be made!). The S-II ullage rockets are a different story: model Apollo 15, for example, and they should come […]