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Trimming Plastic

To model Apollo 15, I have to remove the 4 ullage rockets from the Interstage wrap, and then patch the holes. Tim Van Milligan of Apogee Components recommended cutting patches from a second wrap; the question then became just how to get the patches to fit and to look good. My first attempt: cut a […]

The Joys of Tools

It sure is helpful to have good tools. It’s even more important when you have someone who knows how to use those tools! As yet another diversion in the Saturn V build, I’m working on an interesting two-stage rocket. More on some of the interesting bits later. For now… The booster will be a D12, […]

Cutting Wraps

Minor mistake: I chose the wrong sequence for cutting out the wraps. It should be obvious (shouldn’t it?) that you start on the easy one, and work on progressively more difficult ones, not the other way around. Oops. I started on the hardest wrap. Luckily, that wrap, the Interstage wrap, will likely end up as […]