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Attaching the Wraps

Most of attaching the warps isn’t so bad: it’s fairly straightforward, following Tim’s instructions, using thin CA and an applicator tip. But, it seems that if there’s any radial stress (stress perpendicular to the surface) on the warp when the CA is applied, there’s a chance the wrap will crack at that spot. Small crack, […]

All Wrapped Up and No Place to Go—Yet

The wraps are in place: positioned, oriented, taped down. It’s time to apply the CA—in the morning. The thrust structure wrap is a bit short, 1½, maybe 2mm. But, it looks like Tim designed things so a fin faring will completely cover the seam.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The Web abounds with stories of doom and gloom from people trying to attach the vacu-form wraps to the Apogee Saturn V. Rocketeers bemoan melted stringers, torn wraps, problems getting the CA to wick the way the instruction video describes—and on and on. What to do? Tim shows an alternative, using a particular double-sided tape. […]