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Ahh, White is Done

The white paint is done. Time to let the paint dry—for a couple of days, maybe even a few—then mask and paint black.

Almost Ready to Paint White

Priming’s done. The previous post shows pictures before and after the first coat of primer. Intentionally, it was a pretty light coat. After letting it set, I sanded the primer to smooth, then painted a second coat. That second coat is now drying; I expect to sand on Monday, spray the base white color coat […]


Ready to Prime!

Finally! All the surface prep is done. The spirals are all filled and sanded, the minor dings in the wraps are filled, the gaps between the wraps and the body tube are filled, and the spots where parts will be glued after painting are masked. It’s time to spray some primer! Maybe, just maybe, I’ll […]

Filling and Sanding (and Sanding and Sanding)

I’ve never cared enough to fill the spirals on a rocket body tube before. Sure, I like a nice paint job, and know the techniques for getting one (thanks, Dad!), but I’ve never cared enough about the finish on a rocket to go all-out, much less to bother filling the spirals. I don’t know that […]

Almost Done with Spot Filling

Lots and lots of spot filling around edges of wraps and at tunnel covers. It’s slow work, filling the gaps with small bits of epoxy clay. I think it’s just about finished, though! Here’s a look at the work; see, especially, near the left edge of the wrap above the tunnel cover.