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Saturn V Repairs: First Cut, Rev 4

I’ve made the first sets of cuts on the Saturn V.  The rough cut to remove the forward, damaged portion of the S-II is done, the body tube for that has been separated from the S-II tunnel cover, and the forward motor mount centering ring, with its gussets, is removed. I’m documenting the work in […]

Repairing the Saturn

It’s been eight or ten months since the bottom part of my Saturn V crashed. The parachute for the bottom part was not ejected at deployment. In the ensuing crash, one fin was broken, the forward part of the tube and its attached wrap and tunnel cover (half-dowel) were damaged, the tube was kinked down […]

Odd Looking, Good Flying!

When last we visited Bed Knobs and a Broomstick, the nose cone had just been finished. I am very please to say that the first flights were very successful! It was a simply gorgeous day at Snow Ranch in Farmington for LUNAR’s May 1st launch. We were treated to lots of wonderful flights: Steve Jurvetson’s […]

Freedom? A Worship Word.

Freedom. A fitting name for the second small step. Freedom 7. The second small step for the inhabitants of this planet to leave this planet. On May 5, 1961, Alan Shepard climbed aboard Freedom 7, atop a Redstone booster, admonished his support team to “light this candle” (after they had given him the go to […]