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NASA Ames’s Open House

(What about rocket building? Very much underway. Too busy working on BAAH-1, my L-1 certification project, actually to write up the progress. But, I’ve taken lots of pictures. Quick summary: airframe done, fins painted and attached, motor mount complete, nose cone painted, rest of airframe primed and ready for final sanding and paint.) This past […]

A Budding Rocketeer?

There’s one thing better than designing and building and then flying a new rocket: getting a newbie involved in the hobby. Last night, I helped my nephew, newly 12 years old, build his first rocket (at least, first flyable). Like many of this generation, it’s an Estes Alpha III. We plan to launch next Saturday […]

Being Philosophical

I guess the options are few. Quit the hobby. Scrap the rocket. Repair the damage. I’ve said that we rocketeers are at least slightly lunatic. After all, we spend a lot of time and money creating something that we intend then to fling rather violently into the sky—and we expect the creation to return intact! […]