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AS-501 Flight

April 4, 2015. It’s been a long time since then, but that’s when my AS-501 model flew. Waaaaay back in March, I posted my previous AS-501 entry. In our last episode, we left the bird all in white. Here’s the reset of the story. AS-501 is, in the true sense of the word, unique. For […]


First, the back story. A few months ago, one of the guys on the LUNAR club list, Paul, sent email offering a 1:70 scale Saturn V model. It was partially completed, and needed finishing. Paul realized he’d never finish it, and wanted to see it fly. It had been modified from the original 29 mm […]

I Love the Smell of AP in the Morning!

It was a great day at the ranch!  (Many thanks, again, to Bill Orvis and his family for allowing us to fly on their ranch!) The temperatures were moderate: not hot, certainly not cold.  In the sun, it was pleasantly warm.  The winds were very light.  The sky was clear.  It had rained lightly—just enough—a […]

Odd Looking, Good Flying!

When last we visited Bed Knobs and a Broomstick, the nose cone had just been finished. I am very please to say that the first flights were very successful! It was a simply gorgeous day at Snow Ranch in Farmington for LUNAR’s May 1st launch. We were treated to lots of wonderful flights: Steve Jurvetson’s […]

October Launch Report

Launch report: we had a great time! My nephew launched my Big Bertha, and his Alpha III twice. The second launch was a drag race with my Krystal. After Adam left, I launched King Tut’s Pyramid, always a crowd-pleaser. Winds were very, very light. In fact, once the overcast burned off, they were just about […]

A Budding Rocketeer?

There’s one thing better than designing and building and then flying a new rocket: getting a newbie involved in the hobby. Last night, I helped my nephew, newly 12 years old, build his first rocket (at least, first flyable). Like many of this generation, it’s an Estes Alpha III. We plan to launch next Saturday […]

Launch Manifest for Saturday

Planning to launch this Saturday during LUNAR‘s monthly launch window. Planned manifest: Apogee Saturn V, either on a G64W (if Paul or someone else will lend a casing and build the motor with me) or a G77R. King Tut’s Pyramid (new rocket), on a G38FJ. Krystal on D12-0, 2×A3-4T; A8-5. Perhaps Big Bertha, on a […]